About Us

Our Focus

The law – and the services required to deliver the law into the hands of the consumer – is evolving at great speed.

This means the delivery of legal services needs to be more innovative than at any time in our history.

At Emanate, we have not only foreseen this evolution, we have reacted to it by developing our practice to suit the changing needs of the clients we serve. We transformed our broad-based legal practice to a specialised commercial, business and human relationships practice designed specifically to meet the commercial needs of our clients.

As a Firm, we pride ourselves on our achievements for our clients in all the diverse ways in which the law touches their everyday commercial and private lives.

We aspire to be advisers to the business community, and partners in their success.

Adding Value

Emanate is committed to providing clients with a competitive edge in the market place.
We don’t just provide legal advice in time of crisis, we work together with our clients to help their business grow and mature.

Emanate endeavours to develop and maintain long-term relationships with clients so that we become integrated with their business. An intimate knowledge of your situation allows us to take a proactive approach, helping you to add value to your product or service, expand your business and ultimately increase your profitability.

We can provide you with critical market intelligence and accessibility to relevant decision-makers through our extensive business networks. We know your competitors and your government regulators. We know your industry bodies and we work alongside your other advisers.

Emanate has an unsurpassed reputation for providing sound advice and practical solutions. We blend technical excellence and innovation to achieve our clients’ goals and give them a competitive advantage. 

Firm Structure

In developing our structure to meet and anticipate today’s legal market, we discovered that the traditional categorisation of legal work no longer fitted the landscape.
The labels which used to be convenient for identifying classes (if they ever existed) of legal work – “litigation”, “conveyancing”, and “personal injury claims” for instance – are no longer meaningful. They simply cannot capture the diversity of legal matters encountered today.

For this reason, we decided not to allocate our lawyers, and the work they handled, to an outdated “department” structure, or to arbitrary categories.

What this means for you, the client, is that whether your matter fits neatly into one of the former categories of legal matter or not, you will always receive the attention of the lawyer or lawyers most experienced and suited to your needs.

Key to success

In these enlightened times, choosing a legal service provider is usually made on the basis of two primary considerations:

  • Price
  • Value provided in reaching commercial or personal goals

Our lawyers are committed to providing personalised service, at the most cost-effective rates. They have a passion for fresh thinking and a relentless drive to achieve the best for their clients.

Our advice is always pragmatic, innovative and commercially realistic. We provide jargon free, plain English drafting and integrate new technologies in the delivery and content of advice.

The Emanate team uses all available resources for your advantage. We work with clients to minimise difficult issues, and plan your affairs, so that you can get on with your goal of running a profitable and successful business.

It is this philosophy which has earned the trust of our clients.

Our private sector clients range from major Australian and foreign owned corporations with international operations to small and medium sized businesses with purely local interests. Our public sector clients include government departments, statutory authorities and government business enterprises and corporations at Federal, State and local levels.

We have the additional experience and extra commitment to anticipate developments in our clients’ industries and are responsive to changing environments.

The Emanate team brings together a unique blend of traditional skill and entrepreneurial flair to present tailored advice that is second to none.