Environment/Carbon Tax

Emanate Legal has a team of lawyers with extensive experience and knowledge in areas of environmental issues, climate change and carbon tax.

Our work extends to providing assistance and advice that the carbon tax will have on graziers. Presently, it is uncertain as to whether the government will tax agricultural fuel despite petrol being excluded. This may have a significant impact on cattle grazing operations.

In the mining sector, our experience extends to working on environment and planning investigations for new and established projects.

We have conducted investigations into the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon capture and storage projects including soil sequestration. Our knowledge includes calculating and providing reduction and offsetting measures for implementation.

Our experience enables us to provide advice and support to entities regarding obligations under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme and the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

At Emanate, our extensive knowledge and experience in these areas enable us to provide qualified and quality assistance to our clients. We understand the needs and interests of our clients which enables us to keep our clients informed of the ever changing kaleidoscope of law and regulation.

We offer a strategic, practical and commercial approach to complex environmental matters in various areas. Clients have applauded Emanate for our quality and depth in our legal practice.

Hand in hand with the need to sensibly plan our communities, goes the obligation to sustain and maintain our quality of life through careful environmental management.

Once again there is a labyrinth of regulations, guidelines and policies, adequate to daunt even the most determined proponent or opponent of environmental change.

In this field of law, experience counts - our lawyers have that experience.

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