Conflict Management

Many firms treat conflict management and resolution as "litigation". For Emanate, litigation is rarely the first and never the only option for assisting clients to resolve their differences with others.

We appreciate that conflict resolution can be a delicate and sensitive process for those involved. Very often the last thing the disputants want or need is a time consuming and resource draining litigation process.

Sometimes, litigation cannot be avoided. At those times, we offer the services of skilled and tenacious lawyers who not only know intimately the technical rules of the jurisdiction, but who also boast practical experience and dedication. Our objective at those times is to get you in and out of litigation with the best result, in the shortest time, at the least expense.

Wherever possible though, our lawyers look to alternative means to bring clients to a resolution of their disputes without the need of a formal litigation process.

Parties involved almost always prefer a resolution that allows them to get on with their lives, ideally in re-established harmony. Mediation, expert determination, conciliation and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms will be offered to you, as a means to bring the contest to a quick and cost-effective conclusion.