Thinning Thickened Vegetation

Thinning your vegetation the Law has Change


Thinning Thickened Vegetation (Thinning)

18 May 2018, Queensland has another change to Thinning of vegetation on your rural land.

Any work you wish to undertake for Thinning , will now be assessed under the Vegetation Management Act 1999 (VMA) to determine if thickening has occurred to vegetation on your land and if it’s determined  thickening has occurred , to thin , will  require a development approval (DA) under Planning Act 2016. 


VMA Section 22A Application

If you determine you want to Thin vegetation , it must be applied for in accord with Section  22A and approved  prior to works being commenced

Landowners must adhere to State Code 16: Native Vegetation Clearing in respect to the Regional Eco Systems (RE) on the Land.

DA Planning Act 2016 (PA)

If it’s determined, thickening has occurred, to thin, is now assessable development in accord with the PA.

DA may be made online through MyDAS2.

FastTrack5 qualifying Criteria Checklist 6 must be completed and uploaded when an on line DA is applied

DA fee $3,240 is payable for thinning.


PA provides a penalty for “Carrying out Assessable Development" without a Permit which can be substantial.

Emanate Legal and Base Consulting Group can assist in your DA necessary thinning vegetation process to prevent penalty.

Should this be of interest to you, would you please feel free to contact Emanate Legal 0747270100, for an obligation free discussion in relation to how to carry out  thinning on your land.